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Special Issues

Special Issues are curated editions of commissioned research and/or review articles which showcase specific high-interest topics in the field of cancer. They are managed by experts in the area and contain high-quality peer-reviewed articles. Special Issue proposals are always welcome and should be submitted to editor@ecancer.org.

Cancer Survivorship – where are we now?

Guest editor: Deborah Fenlon

Published: 12 Dec 2019

Cancer control in Africa

Guest editors: Twalib Ngoma, Alina Macacu and Peter Boyle

Published: 24 Jul 2019

The Black Box of decision-making in cancer care: new challenges

Guest editors: Gabriella Pravettoni and Soumitra Datta

Published: 28 Mar 2019

Locally advanced breast cancer in Latin America

Guest Editors: Henry Gomez and Fernando Valencia

Published: 22 Jan 2019

The microbiome – a novel paradigm in oncology research

Guest Editors: James Kinross, Alasdair Scott and Julian Marchesi

Published: 05 Sep 2018

Novel technologies for breast cancer surgery

Guest Editor: Michael Douek

Published: 10 Jan 2018

ecancer turns ten

Guest Editor: Gordon McVie

Published: 30 Nov 2017

Treating the patient, not the disease: in memory of Umberto Veronesi

Guest Editor: Gordon McVie

Published: 08 Jun 2017

Digestive tumours in Latin America

Guest Editors: Christian Caglevic and Mauricio Mahave

Published: 21 Dec 2016

Health economics in cancer research and care

Guest Editor: Wim van Harten

Published: 28 Oct 2016

Palliative care for cancer in Africa: an update

Guest Editors: E Luyirika and F Kiyange

Published: 07 Jul 2016

Biomarkers, screening and prevention in cancer

Guest Editor: Jack Cuzick

Published: 24 Nov 2015

Cervical cancer prevention in Latin America

Guest Editors: María Correnti and María Eugenia Cavazza

Published: 08 Oct 2015

Cancer and metabolism

Guest Editor: Luca Mazzarella

Published: 23 Jul 2015

Prevention of gynaecological cancers: in memory of Mario Sideri

Guest Editors: S Chiocca and MT Sandri

Published: 29 Apr 2015

Fertility sparing treatments in gynaecological cancers

Guest Editor: I Zapardiel

Published: 03 Feb 2015

Palliative care in Africa

Guest Editor: Anne Merriman

Published: 11 Dec 2014

Addressing the global burden of prostate cancer among black men

Guest Editor: F Odedina

Published: 27 Aug 2014

Current practices in oncology nursing

Guest Editors: Sarah Liptrott and Elaine Lennan

Published: 10 Apr 2014

The personalised medicine project

Guest Editor: Norbert Graf

Published: 11 Feb 2014

Robotic surgery in oncology

Guest Editors: B Rocco, G Albo and G Gaia

Published: 26 Sep 2013

New trends in brain metastases treatment

Guest Editor: Elisabetta Munzone

Published: 18 Apr 2013

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