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General enquiries:

Please email info@ecancer.org. Enquiries sent to this address will be seen by all the teams and handled by the relevant person. 

ecancer mailing address:

13 King Square Avenue

Tel: 44 (0)117 9094 608

Journal team:

Queries about content, submissions, reprints or the review process should be emailed to editor@ecancer.org, or contact a member of the team directly.

Linda Cairns Katie Foxall Lara Finan   
Scientific Editor Head of Publishing  Senior Publisher  
linda.cairns@ieo.eu katie@ecancer.org lara@ecancer.org  
39 02 57489967 44 (0)117 942 0852 44 (0)117 942 0858  



E-learning team:

Queries about certificates should be emailed to education@ecancer.org, or contact a member of the team directly. 

Catherine Hartley Jessica Harris Joel Podolski Gill Self
E-learning Manager E-Learning Designer E-learning Designer Administrator
catherine@ecancer.org jessica@ecancer.org joel@ecancer.org gill@ecancer.org
44 (0)117 909 7711 44 (0)117 403 3092 44 (0)117 403 3092 44 (0)117 909 7711



Video and news team:

Queries about news stories, press releases or commissioning videos should be emailed to news@ecancer.org, or contact a member of the team directly.

Jon Birch Jake Taylor Matthew Jarvis Lisa Marley
Manager News and          Video Editor  Producer and Video        Editor  Producer and Video      Editor Producer and Video Editor
jon@ecancer.org jake@ecancer.org matt@ecancer.org lisa@ecancer.org
44 (0)117 909 4243 44 (0)117 909 4261 44 (0)117 403 3095 44 (0)117 909 4261


Monique Biryiana
Medical Reporter
44 (0)117 909 4243



Marketing, events and web development:

Queries about marketing, advertising or any aspects of our event programme should be emailed to events@ecancer.org, or contact a member of the team directly.

Karen Watts Mary Guevara Maria Castrillo Gil Jonathan Parker
Head of Communications and Engagement Global Events Manager Events Coordinator Web Development Manager
karen@ecancer.org mary@ecancer.org maria@ecancer.org jonathan@ecancer.org
44 (0)117 403 3097 44 (0)117 942 0874 44 (0)117 942 0874 44 (0)117 403 3096



Projects, partnerships and finance team:

For enquiries about projects or potential partnerships please contact Danny or Elaine on the email addresses below.

Danny Burke Elaine Longden Chapman Egle Vainauskyte
CEO Project Coordinator Finance Manager
danny@ecancer.org elaine@ecancer.org egle@ecancer.org
44 (0)117 909 4899 44 (0)117 403 5459 44 (0)117 942 0863


Founding partners

European Cancer Organisation European Institute of Oncology

Founding Charities

Foundazione Umberto Veronesi Fondazione IEO Swiss Bridge

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ecancer Global Foundation